Clean Shot Gun Mats

Affordable gun cleaning mats that show case your specific gun schematic.

Customer Testimonials

I first encountered these gun mats through the wife of the owner of Clean Shot since we are our neighbors. She explained to me that her husband was selling these gun mats and since I am a Border Patrol Agent and a gun owner myself, I decided to take a look at them. I was so impressed with the detail of the schematics of my gun I bought one on the spot. For only $15.00 it was a must purchase for me to have. In fact I was so excited about this product that I told her husband I would spread the word to my fellow Border Patrol Agents to see if they were interested, they jumped at the opportunity and purchased over fifteen mats the first day I took them the order forms. Some co-workers bought two or three mats for themselves. This product speaks for itself!

Joe, California Border Patrol Agent


I was given a business card by a friend that bought his gun mat from Clean Shot. He explained to me he purchased two gun mats from this website and received his mats within five days, he was so impressed with the mats he has them out on his work bench in his garage. I decided to order one for my AR 15 rifle and just received it the other day and he was right. This is a cool product to have, it